020 8893 3458 Monday - Friday 9:30 - 12 noon 1 Library Way, Whitton, Middlesex, TW2 7AP
Registered Charity No. 1117627

What We Do

We can help with those tasks that a good neighbour would do for someone.

Need a Lift?

Lifts from your home to local hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists, clinics and chiropodists.

Door to Door

Transport to local shops, post offices, hairdressers, social clubs and leisure classes.


We visit people who are isolated and in need of company and friendship and maybe a little help with some of their household paperwork.


Our volunteers can do your shopping and collect prescriptions from pharmacists for you.


We provide three newsletters a year, which include useful information, and we ‘signpost’ clients to the relevant organisations which may be able to meet their additional requirements.

Carer Support

We also provide a Carer Support Service with volunteers providing cover for carers when they have to attend dental, hospital or GP appointments.

Outings Programme

Visits to local places of interest where we often enjoy lunch or tea together.

Gardening Project

A short term gardening project aimed at making gardens safe and ensuring that elderly or disabled residents can easily access their recycling bins etc.

Interested in our services?